What No One Told You About Classroom Management: How to Avoid the Classroom Behavior Blues

Erica Peron Professional Learning

This year, the Office of Student Learning is offering a professional learning series centered around effective classroom instruction. One of the most important components of effective instruction is the classroom environment & culture. Come learn how to alleviate your classroom behavior woes by rethinking classroom management! Explore strategies to create and sustain a positive classroom environment and culture of learning. Check out the full course description below.

Rethinking Classroom Management: Creating and Sustaining a Classroom Culture of Learning

This course focuses on strategies teachers can use to build a positive classroom culture instead of managing students with negative reinforcements or token economies. The goal of this training will be to help participants:

  • Emphasize culture over management.
  • Maintain firm boundaries with dignity and respect for all.
  • Establish clear procedures and rules with student input.
  • Prioritize building relationships.

If you are interested in this training please contact your regional coordinator to discuss available sessions in your area, or to schedule a session at your school. Click here to find your regional coordinator’s contact information!

Ask about the other courses in our effective instruction series:
  • Unpacking Unit Plans to Create Clear Learning Goals
  • Planning, Presenting, and Understanding New Knowledge

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Start the Year Off Right by Building a Positive Staff Culture

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

One of the most important priorities for the new school year is fostering a positive school and staff culture. This month’s resources will support your efforts to plan effective faculty meetings, build positive school culture, and schedule meaningful professional learning.

Building a Positive Culture

Improving Faculty Meetings

Professional Learning

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Making the First Days Meaningful

Erica Peron Teacher Resources for Success

With the start of school quickly approaching, we wanted to provide some resources for your pre-planning needs! Explore our unit planning resources to get a jump on the year. Learn about ways to create a positive classroom culture from day one! Get to know your students in a way that helps you plan instruction. Plan creative ways to communicate procedures & expectations to make the most of the first few days of school!

Unit Planning Resources:
Get to Know Your Students:
Create a Positive Classroom Culture:
  • Explore this article on classroom culture with some compelling do’s and don’ts for the start to your year!
  • Check out this article from TeachingChannel on the importance of building class culture as a foundation for classroom management.
  • Check out our free training from the Step Up for Students Office of Student Learning on “Rethinking Classroom Management.”
Communicate Procedures & Expectations:
To Register for training from the Office of Student Learning:
  • Go to https://sufs.gosignmeup.com.
  • Click on the Lesson Planning or Classroom Management.
  • Register for a course in your region. Trainings are currently being scheduled and more will be added throughout the year. If you are interested in hosting any of these trainings at your school, contact your regional coordinator!


Use Reflection & Goal Setting to Build a Growth Mindset in 2019!

Erica Peron Teacher Resources for Success

Start the New Year on the Right Foot!

Help your students understand the importance of self-reflection and goal setting. Through continued reflection and growth, your students will develop grit, resilience, and problem solving skills that will serve them well in their academic life and beyond!

Reflect & Create a Vision
Set SMART Goals
Discuss Growth Mindset



Once your students have set their goals for 2019, consider exploring Student Led Conferences as a way to engage parents in the goal setting conversation! Click here to find free Professional Development in your area from Step Up For Students.

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